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[New Chapter][Chapter 7: What Sleeps Beneath, What Lies Below]- The Valkyrie Princess (Sci-Fi Romance Fiction Novel)

Here it is, please enjoy!

Author Tanique Adams

I’ve posted the newest chapter and it can be read free on movellas here! This chapter is the start of Act 2 (I opted out of an intermission chapter), but it still heavily features Navi and Makena. We get some backstory for Navi and a bit on Makena as well. However, we also get some action and suspense when both of them find themselves in a dangerous situation. Even more exciting, we find out some very significant and possibly surprising revelations about the players in the current conflict. Battle lines are forming, sides are starting to be picked and there has been a very significant shift in the story. Things are definitely starting to pick up, but at the same time, things will not get overly dramatic. Next chapter will follow up on Amelia and how she’s coping with everything as well as introduce her new companions. For those…

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[New Chapter][Chapter 4: You’re Gonna Miss me When I’m Gone, But Please Don’t Ask me to Stay]-Trials of the Junsuikaoni: The Final Act (Book 4)

Here it is for those who may not have transitioned to my author blog.

Author Tanique Adams

Hello everyone, like before with the Valkyrie Princess, here’s my new chapter post for my other ongoing work, Trials of the Junsui which will be continuing on here.


Hey everyone! I’ve posted the latest chapter on movellas and it can be read here! Sorry for the delay, but this chapter took me some time to get right and my own time constraints slowed my progress as well, but it’s finally done. This chapter shows us a bit of the training of each hunter and gives some good insight into the relationship dynamics of the past and the present. I hope you enjoy and thanks as always!

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The Sims 4 City Living EP is Coming!

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a post announcing that the Sims 4’s latest EP is going to be The Sims 4 City Living, due out November 1st! I’m very excited for this one as I’ve been dying to have apartments and a real city available again in game. I’m also holding out hope that maybe they’ll include college in this EP too, as it’s another highly desired aspect I love. I’ve embedded the official trailer for you to enjoy. I’ll definitely keep you up to date on any new news.

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[New Chapter][Chapter 6: We Build and We Break; No One Ever Said It Was Easy]- The Valkyrie Princess (Sci-Fi Romance Fiction Novel)

For those who’ve yet to switch over to my official writing blog, here’s the new chapter post for the Valkyrie Princess!

Author Tanique Adams

Hello there, this is Tanique and since this is the first time sharing a new chapter to this specific blog, I thought I’d introduce the process. Previously I’d been posting each new chapter I completed for my ongoing stories on my original blog and would give a bit of an explanation on what to expect from the chapter or to give my thoughts. Now that this blog has become my official writing blog, I will resume this process here, but picking up just where I left off with this chapter. Be sure to follow or subscribe to keep up with my new chapters as I post them, especially if you really like a story. Thanks and enjoy!


Hello everyone!, I have completed the latest chapter of The Valkyrie Princess and it can be read on movellas for free here! This chapter took a really long time and I’m…

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Final Chronicle: So I Failed, but That Doesn’t Make Me a Failure.

So, I’m sure that those of you who have been paying attention have noticed some of the changes I’ve been making. The most obvious one at this point should be the change of my username across all my social platforms. I have changed these things, because it no longer fits who I am now. However, it’s not a loss, but rather a new beginning.

For those who had been following me and my previous chronicles, you probably knew the struggles I was having with certain classes, namely Micro and most of all Pathology. Well, this past term I’d been tasked with retaking Path 2, which I failed in the Spring term, along with taking Micro and Pharm 2 for the first time. I had to pass Path by this past term and the other two by next term. However, Path trumped them both because if I didn’t pass Path, then I wouldn’t normally be allowed to continue on as the policy is usually that you can only fail a class twice. So ultimately, this is what happened to me. I failed Path once again and after meeting to discuss the situation, my school’s academic progress committee voted and unanimously recommended dismissal. The option to appeal was open, but it would’ve required some really significant reason as to why I should be given another chance and truthfully I had none. The news was shocking at first, but truthfully; after sitting alone for two days and thinking it over, I realized I wasn’t all that broken up over it. In fact, when I got my decision letter, more so than being devestated, I felt relieved. It was like my long battle with school had finally come to an end and I could finally give in.

The fact that I felt this way spoke pretty loud to me and seemed clearer than anything in awhile. I have no doubt that at some point becoming a doctor was my passion, otherwise I wouldn’t have even made it this far. However, at some point I’d say within the last year that changed and now I’m not feeling so passionate about it anymore. Perhaps it was this change, that led me to the outcome I arrived at. Perhaps this was the wake up call I needed to finally realize it. So many times this past term I’d asked myself, “why am I doing this?” I seemed to have forgotten and I’m pretty sure when you get to that point, that means something is different and you’re probably not going to benefit from keeping on the current path. All of this was what allowed me to officially make the decision to accept their recommendation and leave the school.

It’s disappointing that I couldn’t see this through and that I’ve spent so many years of my life building up to that, just for it all to come crashing down. However, I don’t regret it and would do it again. I’d still do it because I think it was a lesson i needed to learn. I needed to realize myself after failing, that becoming a doctor just isn’t my true calling. I think I was so stuck on feeling like I had to succeed, that I couldn’t fail because so many people were looking forward to my success and were rooting for me. I think I was scared to fail only because I feared I’d let my family and friends down, rather than being scared that my dream would be over. Ultimately, it seems that this was not really my dream anymore. However, while there, I was able to make some amazing friends, in fact one best friend in particular, who I now can’t imagine living without. I had a lot of other wonderful experiences too, experiences I never would’ve had if I hadn’t done it. So no regrets.

So then what is my dream? This was the next thing I had to think about and I can’t say I know for certain just yet, but I can say this, I hadn’t been happier within this last year than when I was writing. All of you who follow me know that I’ve been heavily into writing lately, an old passion that I rediscovered while going through my med school adventure. I’d forgotten just how happy it made me, but thinking about it now, it makes a lot of sense. I’ve always been a good writer and I’ve always been praised for my writing even as a child. I just never had the confidence or drive to make anything more of it and back then my dream of being a doctor mattered more. So I ultimately put my writing on the back burner. However, within this last year, I’ve found that I could no longer put it on the back burner and in fact, I did a full 180. It started to become the case that school was being put on the back burner, while writing took the lead. That very well may have been the start of my downfall I can admit, but I can’t say I regret it, because it made me happy.

It’s clear that writing has taken the lead as my new passion, but does that now mean I don’t care about medicine? Not at all. I still have a big interest in medicine and I still love Neuroscience, which was my undergraduate major. Those things are still very much a part of my life and relevant. However, the difference now is, I’m not sacrificing my writing for them. I’m going to find a way to combine them together and I’m only just learning just how many options and opportunities there are. There’s technical writing, medical writing, science writing and many other things, the challenge now is finding something I can get into with the least amount of additional schooling and experience. The downfall of some of these is that they want many years of experience, but it’s hard to get because I either don’t have the qualifications of don’t have the experience to get experience! I’m sure that this means I’ll have to do a lot of leg work in trying to make connections in the fields I’m now interested in and really getting myself out there. To show people what I can do though, I need to start writing more and expand my topics. Now that I’m out of school, I’ll have time to do that, but unfortunately I’ll still need a job because I don’t have the luxury not to work. My loans will be coming for me soon enough.

I’m not really sure what the future holds and how the next year and beyond is going to end up, but the one thing I can say for sure is that I will never put my writing on the backburner again. It’s become too important to me and I really think it’s where my true talent lies. If there is anywhere that I can leave my mark and make a difference, I really do think it’ll be writing. So that’s why I’m going to be working towards that path. This is the birth of a new dream and I may not know for sure if it’ll pan out or if I’ll be successful, but if nothing else, I know that it’s not something I’ll ever lose passion for, because it’s always been inside of me, lost under the distractions, but I won’t let that happen again.

I thank everyone who ever rooted for me, supported me and believed in me. I don’t want you to feel sad for me, because I know that things have happened as they were meant to and I know that I will rise again, probably even better than before. I’ll no longer have to choose between writing or studying like before, where truthfully, writing often won. Now that my pursuit of being a doctor is over, I’ve changed my username to be OtakuGamerGirlT, as this will now more accurately reflect this site. I’m officially moving my writing posts and project announcements over to my offical author blog and this is where they will be from now on. I’ll be reblogging a post from there on here soon, but for those who have been following all of my writing posts here, I encourage you to go follow that blog, so you won’t miss an update. Nothing is going to change in terms of my current writing projects though. I’ll still be working on my Trails series and on The Valkyrie Princess and they will still be posted to Movellas. I’m just shifting all the future posts on those things to my author blog. If you followed my writing at all, it’s worth following.

So finally, I just want to say thank you in general to you all. This may seem like an obvious result based on the simple fact that my posts as of late have been more focused on my writing projects than anything else, but now I finally have the realization for myself. I’m going to continue to do what I love, while also continuing to research opportunities for writing in medicine and and the sciences. To my writing friends and followers out there, I’d happily take any advice you have to give. To everyone else, I’d appreciate your continued support of my posts. This blog will be dedicated to nothing but Anime, Manga and Games, which is truthfully what it was always meant to be at the beginning.

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[New Chapter][Chapter 12/13: My Little Blue Butterfly/Epilogue]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the final chapters and it can be read here! With these chapters, this story has come to an end. Chapter 12 showed the epic conclusion of Homura’s story and 13, which was the epilogue, closed out Satoru’s and everyone else’s. I did my best to have things come full circle and so I really hope what I saw in my head was correctly portrayed in the writing. I feel pretty satisfied with the story and I think it was an interesting re imagining of some of our favorite anime universes. I also got a bit into the whole timeline and soulmate concepts, so I hope they made sense to everyone else. I hope you enjoyed the story and I appreciate you all reading it. Perhaps I’ll do more fanfic in the future, but for now, I’m going to get back to work on my other works. Look forward to those and thanks again.


[New Chapter][Chapter 11: The Forgotten Past of Homura Akemi-San]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter is all about Homura and her past. We finally will come to understand the truth behind The Between, the Witch and exactly how the events we thought we knew came to be. This is kind of like a standalone chapter in a way, as it doesn’t involve Satoru at all. It features only Homura and the events of her story. That being said, I think it’s my favorite chapter as this is basically my headcanon to explain all the things I felt were left unexplained by the anime. I think it fits pretty well. So I hope you all will like it and as always thanks for reading! Just one more chapter to go and the epilogue, but that won’t be so much a chapter as just a couple of paragraphs. Look forward to it!


Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Now on Steam, Last Chance to Buy Before Release!

Hey everyone, here’s just a quick reminder/fyi for you all about Planet Coaster, copied directly from the planet coaster fb page post. It’s seriously amazing already. I will probably try to record some gameplay soon. That’s all for now!

Great news! Alpha 3 is now available on Steam for all of you Early Bird Edition owners! If you haven’t already linked your key to steam, here’s how to do it: https://support.frontier.co.uk/kb/faq.php?id=337

If you don’t already have Early Bird Edition of Planet Coaster, you can also pick it up here: https://www.frontierstore.net/games/planet-coaster-cat.html/

Happy Alpha 3 everyone, enjoy the ride!


[New Chapter][Chapter 9: The Caged Bird That Found Its Song Again]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter closes out the Kousei arc and brings it home. As you can see, I didn’t make it so that Kaori was saved because ultimately I felt that the story wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is if she had. I also don’t feel that just because a writer can bring back the dead, means they should without good reason. So for that reason, I chose to take the more realistic, but still preferable route to the standard. Perhaps this is a bit of a spoiler, but then again, probably not. At the end, it was an unspoken assumption that Tsubaki would stay by his side and eventually he’d accept her and they’d be together. This was, in my opinion, a very cliche and overused approach and I’ll even admit, Tsubaki was not my favorite character. I don’t hate her, but I think there were better options out there for Kousei.  

*You may want to read the chapter before reading any further in this post*.

Hence why I thought the most logical girl would be Emi. They have the shared interest, the scenario I presented would be more likely and honestly I felt they had better chemistry and I could totally see them getting together in the future after attending a Musical Arts High School together. So that’s the angle I took. I could totally see Watari and Tsubaki being a thing too, so it all worked. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and we’ve got the big finale coming up, with one final target. I wonder if you’ll be able to guess who? Thanks as always!