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[New Chapter][Chapter 6: Chasing Destiny, and Running from its Problem Child Called Fate]-Trials of the Junsuikaoni: The Final Act (Book 4)


Author Tanique Adams

Hey everyone! I’ve posted the latest chapter on movellas and it can be read here! This chapter gave a little more development for Rachel and Judas’ relationship and how they will adapt now that they have a son together. Also in this chapter, is Macy’s peculiar situation with her accelerated growth and everything that comes with it. Puberty,  first love and more. The next chapter will return to Noah and the gang and they will have begun their journey and will face their trials. The chapter following that will be the finale and then an Epilogue chapter will end the series. Things are nearing an end, yet a new beginning with alternate stories is brewing behind the scenes. Look forward to it and thanks as always!

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Update on the Movellas Anime/Manga Fanfiction Competition!

Hey everyone, I just thought I’d give you a quick update on the Anime/Manga fanfiction competition I entered a couple of months ago. The results were released a few weeks ago,  but I just found out about it. I didn’t win, but I did recieve an Honorable Mention! Out of dozens of entries, my story Revival was one of the two given that honor! That made me so happy and still counts as a win for me, so thanks to everyone who read it and gave me encouragement to go on. I’m definitely going to do more fanfiction in the future, even sooner if I can succesfully get enough money to get a new laptop. In case you hadn’t seen it, I’m running a Patreon campaign for writing support but more importantly in the hopes of getting a new laptop to write with, so check it out here if you can. If you’d like to read Revival, check it out here!

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Let’s Give the World More LGBT Friendly Literature That Everyone Can Enjoy!

My official Patreon post. Pass it on! Thanks.

Author Tanique Adams

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been as active in the last few days, but that’s because I was working hard on setting things up, the biggest being my new Patreon. I’ve been looking for a way to really get my writing out there to wider audiences all while doing what I love and so I’m hoping this may be a good way while also getting some much needed support. I love writing and so I’m not going to stop doing so and sharing my work, but I really need a new laptop to do so as my current one is just not as efficient anymore. I’d be much more productive and efficient if I upgraded and so that’s the big goal I have for this Patreon and I hope people would be willing to help out.

I won’t take up space writing my full pitch out here, so instead…

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[New Chapter][Chapter 8: Beyond the Distant Horizon of the Sea, The Tides of War Turn]- The Valkyrie Princess (Sci-Fi Romance Fiction Novel)


Author Tanique Adams

I’ve posted the latest chapter of the Valkyrie Princess and it can be read here! This chapter finally builds up some action and the next chapter will be the fallout as the time of war is upon us. The battle lines have been formed, allegiances have been confirmed and so things are well on their way to getting messy. However, with all this conflict and the drama at the start of the chapter, you’ll be pleased to know that one of our couples has a sweet reunion and will not be divided again. However the other couple will have to wait a while longer. As for which is which, you’ll have to read the chapter to find out! Thanks as always for reading and following my story and I’m looking forward to where it’s going next. Please enjoy it!

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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Episode 2: Two New Members Join the Family.

Here we are for another episode of Ranbu, in which we find ourselves with two new bishounen swords. Let’s see if they will fit in.


We start the episode with Kiyo watching as his BF mopes over his failure to complete his mission last time as Captain. It’s so cute how much he looks out for him and cares about his feelings.


Meanwhile, Clan Leader Hasebe uses one of these paper cutouts, likely gotten from their master, to bring a new sword to life.


We now welcome Tsurumaru Kuninaga and Doudanuki Masakuni to the family and what welcome cute additions they are.


Kiyo is given the order to show them around and since Yasu is free, just as everything else, Kiyo and Yasu carry out that task together, giving them a tour. We also  meet more of the clan members and have our comical segment as in the first episode.

5 6

Along the way, Doutanuki meets Midare and is confused as to if he is a boy or a girl. Clearly he isn’t well versed in recognizing traps. I’ll cut him some slack though, Midare does look quite effeminate, especially when you see his full body and outfit. Even I had to do a double take.


Yasu and newbie Kuninaga were curious about their master, who few have ever seen and so they were asking Kiyo about him since he has. He said their new master was very clumsy and such, but also kind. They decide to try and give him a surprise visit, however they hear Hasebe talking to him inside and don’t want to interrupt. Part of me wonders if the master is even real, since Hasebe seems to be the only one interacting with him. Guess we’ll see at some point.

8 9

Once again, they are given a new mission, this time to stop the Retrograde army in the Honnouji incident. To his excitement, Hasebe is the Captain this time around. His fellow teammates are Kiyo and Yasu, Kuninaga, Yagen and Souza. Hasebe, Yagen and Souza all shared the same master, Oda Nobunaga. who coincidentally died in the Honnouji incident that they are now going to protect. The three had all expressed earlier that they disliked their previous master for various reasons and so were not excited about bringing up the old memories.

10 11

They arrive to the battleground and the battle ensues. They all perform very well, though Kiyo is still my best boy and favorite. He’s just so badass and I love him. (I’ll probably say this every week lol). They then decide to go check out the actual Honnouji incident where there master is reported to have died, since they were already there.


Despite all the hate they gave him, the three seemed to be pretty sentimental upon viewing the incident. It showed that although we may say things, they don’t necessarily reflect how we feel. They may have hated him sometimes, but he was clearly still important to them. Later on, they continue reflecting on him and this causes Yasu to get sentimental over his own master.

13 14

Kiyo notices this and comes over to cheer him up as usual. They see a shooting star and continue to be the most adorable yaoi ship of the year.

I really like this show and each episode that love grows. All of the guys are so cute and unique, it’s just a  joy to watch and the action is also quite enjoyable. Looking forward to the next episode!

Yuri on Ice Episode 1: Novice Figure Skater Meets His Heartthrob Figure Skating Idol and the Fujoshi Rejoice!

The second show this season to grace us with it’s boy’s club goodness is the new and highly popular Yuri on Ice, a sports anime about figure skating and implicit bromance. There’s a lot of hype over this one, so let’s dive in see if it’s worth it and if it is the Fujoshi gold mine we’re hoping for.


Starstruck Yuri


Victor the Russian Figure Skating Idol

We begin with Yuri informing us of how he fell for Victor the first time he saw him and he became his inspiration, leading him down the path of becoming a Figure Skater.


Victor is #1 again.


Yuri Fumbles.

Yuri was competing in a qualifying competition, and while Victor wins it all once again, Yuri has a setback and comes in last place.


Yuri getting choked up while speaking to his mom.


Poor baby.

Naturally Yuri takes it pretty hard and can just barely hold it together while speaking to his mom. Once he hangs up, it all comes out and he breaks out into tears. Losing sucks.


Russian Yuri


Someone’s feeling threatened. 

Yuri’s private time is interrupted by the Russian Yuri, who also competed in the competition and won. He aggressively gets in his face and tells him to get out. Not a very warm first impression, but I bet they’re going to be best buds later on.


Yuri heads home, but on the way he sees Victor and for a moment thinks of saying hello. Victor sees him looking and offers to give him an autograph, but Yuri runs away, too ashamed to face his idol in such a disappointing state.


Clearly he’s a hometown celebrity.


Clearly she’s his #1 Fan.

Yuri arrives home and is immediately faced with his posters all over the place, making him seem like quite the celebrity. He’s greeted by his Sensei, who seems to be his fan. We find out he finished University and the returned home, his next step still undecided.


Yuri’s mom is adorable.


His dad seems kind and funny.


His sister seems wise. I’m waiting for her to drop some serious life lessons on us.

Yuri returns home to his family’s hot spring restaurant and we meet his family. They all seem very supportive to him and are happy to see him back home. His sister asks him what his next plan is and Yuri can’t say for sure. It’s something he must figure out on his own.


This is hilarious out of context.


Sensei’s not feeling the chubby Yuri. Did I mention I love her?

Sensei finally called Yuri out on his increased weight and made him strip, revealing his plump, but still adorable figure. I guess Sensei is a serious Yuri fangirl.


Victor dancing gracefully on the TV.


Yuri getting flustered from seeing Victor on the TV.

Yuri decides he needs some time alone and so goes to his local skate rink to get some practice in. We meet Yoko, his childhood friend that he always looked up to. He also clearly had a crush on her, as early as when he was a precious little cutie showing off his moves to her. She was two years older though and things never seemed to take off between them, so she ended up marrying someone else, but never stopped being his fan and rooting him on. Even now, she’s still got his back and I love that bond.


Victor doing his famous routine.


Yuri performing that same routine almost perfectly for Yoko.


Yoko is the Fujoshi in all of us.

Yuri tells her he wants to show her something and it turns out to be a copy of Victor’s famous performance. We see a beautiful segment of both Victor and Yuri performing at the same time, though in different places. Sensei was watching Victor’s performance on TV and comments that although nice, the routine would be more heartfelt if it were danced by someone younger and more naive. I’m sure we can all guess who that would be. Yuri finishes his graceful performance and then Yoko gives the best fangirl reaction ever.


The start of a heartfelt confession…



Yuri seems to get a bit emotional and appears as though he’s about to confess his secret feelings to Yoko, however he’s interrupted by the 3 little devils that are Yoko’s girls. Perhaps no one informed Yuri that he’s starring in a Bromantic Comedy, not a Romantic Comedy. I’ll admit though, they almost has me shipping them, but a better ship approaches…


Seems like this Yoko’s husband got over his baseless hate for Yuri in his younger days and is now his fan. The girls are total Fujoshi in training and it’s excellent!


They are an adorable little family.


It seems their training may be too good…


They’ve got their priorities straight.

Yuri gets the surprise of his ,life when he discovers the triplets had recorded his performance and uploaded it to the internet where it went viral. Everyone was talking about it to Yuri’s dismay and so he went off the grid for the night and hid.


Victor Lounging


Is he impressed or offended? 

It got everyone’s attention, including the last person he probably wished for, Victor himself. He watches the video and his reaction is hard to read, but is surely significant.


The other Vicchan.


We all know who he means…

Yuri is asked to go shovel and upon opening his door, he is attacked by a dog looking just like his Vicchan, but it’s far too big to be his. Then his father informs him the dog came with a good looking foreign guest and so that could only mean one thing. Yuri runs like a madman to the outdoor spring and he sees none other than…


Victor in the flesh.


The wonderful nice flesh. Finally some fanservice for the ladies.

Victor of course. He’s come all the way to Japan and is now sitting in Yuri’s family’s hot spring. Yuri is blessed not just by his visit, but by a wonderful view as well. I give him props for holding it together and not passing out from the heat and delicious fanservice.


What a wonderful way to give someone good news.


He’s sexy and he knows it.

Victor greets Yuri in the most wonderful way and informs him that from now on he will be his coach. What his intentions are exactly have yet to be seen, but one things for sure…an epic Bromance surely awaits.

So, the first episode of Yuri on Ice turned out to be a real treat in so many ways. The animation was gorgeous, the skating routines were breathtaking, the characters are all extremely likeable, the fanservice is tasteful and welcome and of course, the Bromance is strong and the yaoi undertones are there.

However, I really want to make it a point to note that Yuri did clearly have real feelings for Yoko and also seems to have hints of genuine feelings for Victor as well. This is actually pretty important because it speaks to Yuri’s possible bisexuality, which is something you may not always see in most yaoi or even yuri. It most often goes from one extreme to the other and anything else serves as fanservice or as a plot point for the character’s denial. Yuri, to me, seems canonically bi and that’s awesome!

So all of this being said, Yuri on Ice was every bit the wonderful start I wanted it to be and it’s definitely got the makings to be one of the best this season. Once we get deeper into the plot and the other guys are introduced, i’m expecting to see plenty of Bromantic relationships form and most of all, I’m looking forward to see how Victor and Yuri’s relationship progresses. I can definitely agree with the others who say this is like Free! on Ice, as it shares some of the similar aspects of being a sports anime with fanservice for the ladies and lots of Bromance and yaoi undertones. This is certainly shaping up to be a Fujoshi shipping paradise and I’m so ready for it! I’ll be covering this every week as well along with Touken Ranbu and it may be a new addition to my newly started B-View series.


Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Episode 1: Gay Bishounen Samurai Swords FTW!

There have been many shows this year that have hinted at yaoi undertones, but none have caught my attention quite like Touken Ranbu. Set in a fantasy world of the Samurai and ferocious monsters, a clan of Bishounen Samurai Swords turned human must fight to ensure their master’s histories don’t get changed, by going back in time and fighting these beasts. Let’s step into the world of the Hanamaru clan and see what they have to offer.


History Retrograde Army Monsters


Yasu and Kiyo

So as I mentioned, the swords of very powerful Samurai Masters were somehow made into humans by someone we’ve yet to meet and this person housed them together in the Hanamaru clan so they could be protected and train. This mystery person also sends down orders to the clan master to form teams of those he selects to return to the past and annihilate the monsters of the History Retrograde Army (as seen above) before they can do something that will alter the course of history. Pictured here are our two leads, Kiyomitsu and Yasusada, who will now be called Kiyo and Yasu for simplicity’s sake.


Yasu and Kiyo as swords.

The story begins with Yasu having a dream of the past, in which his master was fighting and he was the sword the master used against the enemies. However, he wakes up and Kiyo reminds him that it was in fact Kiyo who was used and Yasu understands this, so why did he have this dream?


Partners since the beginning.

Both Kiyo and Yasu were owned by the same master, so they’ve already got history together, though for some unknown reason, Kiyo was sent to Hanamaru from the very beginning, where Yasu has just arrived. I’m sure the reasoning for that will be covered later on. Whatever the case, they are partners once again, even sharing the same room. *wink*


More of the History Retrograde Army.


Hasabe, the Clan Master.

After a segment of comical hijinks between the other clan members, who we will get to know better over time as there are far too many to cover in this one post, the clan master Hasabe briefs the team, reminding them of their purpose and announcing the six swords that will go and fight in this first battle.


Love the purple cutie on the end!


Kiyo looking pretty badass.

The six who were chosen from left to right are: Imanotsurugi, Aoe, Ishikirimaru and Toushirou. On the bottom is Kiyo and surprising to no one, the final member of the unit and the one who will be Captain is of course Yasu. These six will go fight at Ikeda. I find it quite agreeable that pretty much all of my favorites thus far ended up in the same unit.


Other possible ship.


Yup, Kiyo is gonna be bae.

Hasabe tells Yasu to remember that his #1 priority is to bring everyone home safely and not to get carried away in the fight. He also gives him a protection charm. They use some interesting time travel device and are transported to the Inn, where they get right to action in fighting the monsters there.


Looks like that hurt.


Gotta protect his bae.

Things started out well, but then Yasu attempted to breach the second floor and literally got knocked down. Kiyo came to his rescue of course and owned that monster like the BAM he is and saved his boy. They ended up returning without defeating the entire army and Yasu was disappointed in himself, but Hasabe assured him it was the right call.


Kiyo cheering Yasu up with a cute hair accessory.


I think he likes it.


Yup, he likes it.

Kiyo can see that Yasu is down and so he gives him some words of encouragement and cheers him up by giving him a cute flower pin to fix the bangs that were cut in battle. I have a feeling the relationship between these two is going to be precious and I’m absolutely shipping them.


Shipping them big time!

Overall, this was a solid first episode and definitely has me interested. It had a great balance of comedy and action and I’m expecting some great shipping potential for me and my fellow Fujoshi out there. I won’t jump the gun and say this is canon Shounen Ai as I’ll need to see a few more episodes for that, but so far the undertones are there. I think I will be following this every week, perhaps marking the beginning of my B-View (boy’s club) series. No doubt that if I choose to do so, I’ll be using my friend OG Man over at the yuri nation and his G-View series as my inspiration. That being said, thoughts are welcome!


Bonus image! This would be a great wallpaper.

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[New Chapter][Chapter 5: Diverging Paths Spark Diverging Minds]-Trials of the Junsuikaoni: The Final Act (Book 4)


Author Tanique Adams

Hey everyone! I’ve posted the latest chapter on movellas and it can be read here! This chapter is all about finding out what you believe and finding your way when multiple paths present themselves. It also brings our second triangle to an end, as Noah finally makes a choice and then has to live with the repercussions. We get a peek into a new side of Judas as well.  The next chapter leads to everyone reuniting and the trials will finally officially begin! Look forward to that and seeing a brand new team as everyone has changed significantly. No more romantic drama. From now on it’s all about the trials, collecting the sword fragments and facing off against Judas. Look forward to it and as always, thanks for reading!

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Reviews Complete!

I can now officially conclude my Summer 2016 anime reviews and kick off the Fall. I won’t be posting which anime I’ll be watching this time, but you can expect they will be some of the highly anticipated ones. Thanks for following my reviews and I look forward to another great season. We had a bountiful amount of yuri this season and even a bit of yaoi themes, so let’s hope that the Fall will bring even more of that goodness. Just for anyone who may not have kept up, my top 3 anime of this season are:

1st Place: ReZero

2nd Place: Kuromukuro

3rd Place: ReLIfe

Thanks again and happy anime watching!

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Living Life in Another World) Anime Review

Genre Tags: Drama, Comedy, Psychological, Thriller

Seasons/Episodes: 25

Synopsis: When Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store, the last thing he expects is to be wrenched from his everyday life and dropped into a fantasy world. Things aren’t looking good for the bewildered teenager, however: not long after his arrival, he is attacked by some thugs; armed with only a bag of groceries and a now useless cell phone, he is quickly beaten to a pulp. Fortunately, a mysterious beauty named Satella, in hot pursuit after the one who stole her insignia, happens upon Subaru and saves him. In order to thank the honest and kindhearted girl, Subaru offers to help in her search, and later that night, he even finds the whereabouts of that which she seeks. But unbeknownst to them, a much darker force stalks the pair from the shadows, and just minutes after locating the insignia, Subaru and Satella are brutally murdered.
However, Subaru immediately reawakens to a familiar scene—confronted by the same group of thugs, meeting Satella all over again—the enigma deepens as history inexplicably repeats itself.

Plot Rating: 10/10

Character Development Rating: 10/10

Progression Rating: 10/10

Animation Rating: 10/10

Conclusion Rating: 10/10

Technical Overall Rating (based on average of above ratings): 10/10

*This rating is unbiased and based completely on the honest ratings for each category and so may often be lower than my personal rating. This is the rating you’d probably like to go by when deciding if you’ll watch a series or not, unless my explanation for my personal rating of why it deserved a better rating is one you agree with

Personal Overall Rating (based solely on my personal enjoyment): 11/10

*This rating is totally biased and based completely on my personal feelings of the anime. This will often be higher than the technical rating because sometimes I love certain series despite them being kind of bad. My reasons for the higher rating will often be given here or in the GC.

Should You Watch: You could very well be missing one of the greatest anime ever if you don’t.

General Comments: So every season there is the one anime that is the most hyped up, the most popular and the most talked about; which sparks debates and wars and just general hate from those who hate the hype. ReZero absolutely is that show this season, just as Erased was last season’s. Sometimes these shows were not very deserving (like OPM in my opinion), while others were, but maybe not quite as much as initially believed (like erased if I’m being honest). However, there is no doubt when I say that ReZero is the best anime of this season, of this year and one of the best of all time. Episode 1 may not convince you and may make you think it’s just the same old fantasy anime of a guy being pulled to another world to find a harem of girls waiting for him. (i.e: SAO, Konosuba, etc.) However, episode 2 quickly snaps you out of that thought and causes you to give the show a second look.

Even if you can’t be quite convinced, at least watch through to episode 15 and then decide on if this really isn’t worth the time. I’d be hard pressed to believe anyone who seriously watches anime would be able to honestly say, that episode 15 was not a masterpiece, no matter if you like the rest of the series or not. This is not a series you want to get spoiled on and it’s best if you go in with as little info as possible, so be wary of other discussions on it. Also just to make one comment about it, the “war” that is being waged in the fandom right now is utterly ridiculous and toxic, so try to avoid it. The director of the series has already made things clear, so no need to keep pushing the issue. The despair, anger, madness and just general emotion this series gives you is unreal and the writing, direction and overall cohesion of the plot from beginning to end is just genius. I get that sometimes you want to stay away from the hyped up shows due to them being so often let downs, but please do yourself a favor and give this one a chance, as I don’t think you’ll regret it. I can’t find anything wrong with it and so there is no question that it belongs in the number 1 spot of my rankings of this season.