[New Chapter][Chapter 12/13: My Little Blue Butterfly/Epilogue]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the final chapters and it can be read here! With these chapters, this story has come to an end. Chapter 12 showed the epic conclusion of Homura’s story and 13, which was the epilogue, closed out Satoru’s and everyone else’s. I did my best to have things come full circle and so I really hope what I saw in my head was correctly portrayed in the writing. I feel pretty satisfied with the story and I think it was an interesting re imagining of some of our favorite anime universes. I also got a bit into the whole timeline and soulmate concepts, so I hope they made sense to everyone else. I hope you enjoyed the story and I appreciate you all reading it. Perhaps I’ll do more fanfic in the future, but for now, I’m going to get back to work on my other works. Look forward to those and thanks again.


[New Chapter][Chapter 11: The Forgotten Past of Homura Akemi-San]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter is all about Homura and her past. We finally will come to understand the truth behind The Between, the Witch and exactly how the events we thought we knew came to be. This is kind of like a standalone chapter in a way, as it doesn’t involve Satoru at all. It features only Homura and the events of her story. That being said, I think it’s my favorite chapter as this is basically my headcanon to explain all the things I felt were left unexplained by the anime. I think it fits pretty well. So I hope you all will like it and as always thanks for reading! Just one more chapter to go and the epilogue, but that won’t be so much a chapter as just a couple of paragraphs. Look forward to it!


Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Now on Steam, Last Chance to Buy Before Release!

Hey everyone, here’s just a quick reminder/fyi for you all about Planet Coaster, copied directly from the planet coaster fb page post. It’s seriously amazing already. I will probably try to record some gameplay soon. That’s all for now!

Great news! Alpha 3 is now available on Steam for all of you Early Bird Edition owners! If you haven’t already linked your key to steam, here’s how to do it:

If you don’t already have Early Bird Edition of Planet Coaster, you can also pick it up here:

Happy Alpha 3 everyone, enjoy the ride!


[New Chapter][Chapter 9: The Caged Bird That Found Its Song Again]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter closes out the Kousei arc and brings it home. As you can see, I didn’t make it so that Kaori was saved because ultimately I felt that the story wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is if she had. I also don’t feel that just because a writer can bring back the dead, means they should without good reason. So for that reason, I chose to take the more realistic, but still preferable route to the standard. Perhaps this is a bit of a spoiler, but then again, probably not. At the end, it was an unspoken assumption that Tsubaki would stay by his side and eventually he’d accept her and they’d be together. This was, in my opinion, a very cliche and overused approach and I’ll even admit, Tsubaki was not my favorite character. I don’t hate her, but I think there were better options out there for Kousei.  

*You may want to read the chapter before reading any further in this post*.

Hence why I thought the most logical girl would be Emi. They have the shared interest, the scenario I presented would be more likely and honestly I felt they had better chemistry and I could totally see them getting together in the future after attending a Musical Arts High School together. So that’s the angle I took. I could totally see Watari and Tsubaki being a thing too, so it all worked. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and we’ve got the big finale coming up, with one final target. I wonder if you’ll be able to guess who? Thanks as always!


[New Chapter][Chapter 8: The Biggest Lie She Never Said]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter sets the tone for the next, allowing us to get into Tsubaki’s head and see just what she may have been feeling. The Next chapter will put the plan in motion and will also conclude this mission. Initially, I had intended to have all the missions start and resolve in one chapter, but unlike the Angel Beats one which had a more focused plot, fixing Kousei’s trauma is a bit more complicated, as you’d expect. I hope you’ll enjoy it and thanks for reading as always!


[New Chapter][Chapter 7: His Angel, Her Beats]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! This chapter brings us into the world of the notorious Angel Beats. The trip may be a short one, but I felt it was a nice one and mostly served to tie up that massive cliffhanger we were left with. I still don’t show much on the after, at least not yet, but now we can at least know with little doubt, that they did meet again in their new lives. We also got a peek at our next target, who I’m pretty sure you all had to see coming. Anyway, look forward to it and enjoy. Thanks for reading as always!


[New Chapter][Chapter 6: The Between]- Revival (An Erased and More Crossover Fanfiction)

I’ve posted the latest chapter and it can be read here! I’m finally back with new chapters! I’m on break now, so for the moment I should be able to get them out pretty quickly. I plan to work exclusively on this for like the next week so I can finish it before the deadline, which is August 29th, when the contest ends. I really think it’s going to be a good one, so I hope you guys will like it. Once I complete this, I’ll get back on my other two ongoing works. In an ideal world, I’d like to finish at least my trials series over this two week break, but we’ll see. Anyway, look forward to good stuff over the coming weeks. Thanks as always!


Bound is Back and Can Be Read for Free on Movellas!

Hey everyone! I’ve got great news! Bound is back to read for completely free on movellas here or at the link below! However, if you really like this story, I’d be very grateful if you’d be willing to buy the ebook on Amazon in support. It will remain on Movellas from now on to read free , but buying the ebook will allow you to keep it in your personal collection, hence why I’ve removed the ebook download button for movellas. This is my first full length novel I’ve published, so I really hope you’ll check it out. I really hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Here’s the Movellas link to read it free!

Here’s the link to the ebook!


Going Off The Grid For A Week to Study!

Hey guys, just wanted to drop a quick notice so no one would wonder why I suddenly have become inactive. This week is exam week hell, as I have big exams coming up on Thursday, Friday and next Monday. So because of this, I’ll be off the grid and social media overall. However, as soon as exams are over and when they (hopefully) go well, I’ll be back with a bang and get out the remaining chapters for my fanfic as well as other stories. So I’ll see you soon everyone and thanks as always just because.